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My first track for 2 months


I've not been in a great place recently but feeling much better! I woke up and today and played for the first time in a while and this came out. I love the Deluge and my fellow Delugers!


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    Very nice chords and main theme. Also the arrangement and progression feels very natural and understandable. I feel like it tells a story and your description confirms that.
    I hope you're doing well and having fun! Thanks for posting!

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    Alder_DiceAlder_Dice UKBeta Tester Posts: 125

    Really like that descending melody line, particularly where it overlaps with itself.

    As always, a lovely tender track. Looking forward to the next one, hopefully sooner than another two months.

    Glad you're feeling better mate.

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    tamlyntamlyn LondonBeta Tester Posts: 31

    Lovely stuff.

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