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Got a Deluge a couple months back, first album made exclusively on it coming out 8/28!

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Hey everyone!

Just wanted to drop a line to everyone here on the forums about an album I'm releasing at the end of this month, which was completely made on the Deluge. woot! A couple months ago I picked up a Synthstrom Deluge. I have been looking for an all in one box for what seems like ever. The TE OP1 was my go to in that department for a while, but it always ended up being more of a sketchpad. One of my good friends/colleagues Cuckoo posted some impressions of the Deluge--I was immediately in love with the device. This album, 1080, is the result of a couple months learning and discovering the device.

These forums have been an amazing place for communicating with other users when troubleshooting, but also a great way to find patches/tips/etc! I have bought 3 packs from @jman81 and their amazing Boards of Deluge presets (many featured on this album!). Also @Icoustik seems to have an answer to just about everything, super thanks! I also just want to say thanks to everyone, the community is always so fast to respond and so SO genuine, you all ROCK. Here's to many more years of collaborating and communicating! :)

The album is streaming on 8/28 but you can get it now on Bandcamp, or presave for Spotty/all other streaming services!


Spotify Presave:

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    HeptagenHeptagen Posts: 200

    Awesome! Congrats on your release!
    It's always nice to see people not only doing loops and jams but whole EPs and LPs.
    Your album has a pleasant vibe and a nice mix of energy levels between the tracks.
    Very well done! I think 540 and 50-50 are my favorites. :)

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    sssetzsssetz USAPosts: 11

    cheers Hep, appreciate the listen and feedback! :)

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