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SKB - Synth Kit Builder


Initial release of my SKB tool which can generate a KIT from a list of SYNTH files.

I did this mainly because I spent a lot of time creating a bunch of synthesized drums and then saved them as SYNTHs, because it's far easier to work with individual sounds this way until such time that it's possble to clone KIT lanes on the Deluge. It was only then I found out that it's not possible to load SYNTHs into KIT lanes in the same way you can load samples. Thus SKB was born!
Please note this is a Python 3 project so you'll need to be comfortable and setup for that. Full source code on GitHub of course but it is also available to install as a Python tool via Pip (instuctions included for installation).

All you need to do is mount your SD card in your computer and provide an XML file that describes the KIT you'd like generated e.g.

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8'?><synthkit><drum synth="Drum Ks Basic 01.XML" name="" /><drum synth="Drum Ks Dist 01.XML" name="" /><drum synth="Drum Ks Basic Fm 01.XML" name="" /></synthkit>

Please bear in mind that this is WIP and the initial release. I've been testing it all day on my own Deluge SD card (it does write the generated KIT to your SD card in the KITS folder and will overwrite any files of the same name in that folder). Use at your own risk, no responsibility etc. Maybe back up your SD card first while you have a play (which would be handy for feedback!)

Also I'm an OSX user and so have only tested it on OSX (Catalina). If anyone is willing and able to test on Windows for me (or I guess it should also work on Linux) that would be much appreciated.

Any ideas welcome though bear in mind it will never have a GUI or be any more sophisticated an experience than the command line 😁


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