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Deluge won’t power on with SD card inserted.

patchpatch IrelandPosts: 20
Hi folks, my recently acquired secondhand deluge (was returned by previous owner for a battery issue) is having problems.
All was fine until it froze while left on unattended.
When switched on it it doesn’t light up apart from a faint lightup of the bottom ‘dots’ on the display. The slight buzz from the speakers stops when deluge switches on too.
I removed SD card and discovered deluge powers on fine, can use synth and sequence it.
Based on this I formatted SD and transferred all files back over. No improvement.
I dropped the latest .bin firmware on. It loads and updates fine saying ‘done’. Again it won’t powers up except when card is out or performing an update. Tried a second SD card, same story. I wonder is there a file corrupted?
I was using a generator switchable was plug with reversible polarity. I used a usb cable and phone charger overnight just in case. No change.
So, does anyone have anything for me to do next?


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    patchpatch IrelandPosts: 20
    *thanks, Pat
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    patchpatch IrelandPosts: 20
    I just downloaded a the sd card content from another thread.
    Still just the pop of the speaker on power up, charging light is yellow (will turn green soon when fully charged).
    Boots without card but flashes ‘file’ as with previous attempts. Turning select knob flashes ‘file’ on screen.
    I’d assume the sd slot is damaged except that it loads and installs updates still.
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    rohanrohan Staff Posts: 186

    Have just replied to your Facebook thread - I'm sure we'll be able to get this sorted.

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