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I took part of a charity challenge to make a song in two hours, and this time I used my Deluge

SakuneraSakunera AustraliaPosts: 6

2 Hours to make a song based on Entropy

Hey, first I wanted to say I love this community. I am a long time lurker and haven't gotten around to sharing any of my stuff on here, but the stuff that everyone else has shared has been really entertaining and resourceful so thank you for that.

So why was I doing this?

So every few months there is a challenge by Ben Burnes that is like a community music jam. The goal is two write a piece of music within two hours inspired by a theme randomly picked at the start of the weekend. It is called the 2 Hour Album Challenge, and all the music submitted is put into a Bandcamp compilation album where the proceeds go towards Angel of Hope Animal Rescue to help foster animals.

So with that context, this challenges theme was Entropy. I have previously done all the challenges in Ableton Live, but the theme made me think of how much fun I have sequencing on the Deluge using the % chance to trigger note setting and the 1 of 2, 2 of 2 stuff. Thinking that I could make patterns that start out of sync but once in a while end up in phase with each other was the ambitious goal I started with. But once those two hours hit you, all the plans are just little memories and you just find and explore what ideas you get.

Here was the final result. What ended up being the most fun was just the arp going bleep bleep crazy when set to random and playing in key.

Edit: How do you embed a soundcloud track? The embed code is right from the site?

It was all streamed to Twitch and uploaded to Youtube if you would like to see the choices along the way

This whole process just reinforced my belief in how fun the different sequencing options can be.
The album can be downloaded for free here:

Hope you're doing well in this new world

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    HeptagenHeptagen Posts: 263

    Oh that chiptune lead is so lovely! The use of shifting everything up a semitone during playback is interesting. :smile:
    Your stream recording is entertaining. :blush: So many little fails and wins, its fun to watch.
    You have a nice workflow going on, I think its impressive that you got this far in only two hours. Good job!

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    SakuneraSakunera AustraliaPosts: 6

    Hahah yeah I love that patch. I didn't realise you could even shift everything up like that until I stumbled upon it. The workflow is pretty close to how I would approach making something in Ableton for sure, so when it comes to writing it's all up to what I write first leading into the next idea

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    Alder_DiceAlder_Dice UKBeta Tester Posts: 125

    So many pretty sounds in there! Really nice job on the final mix/master on Soundcloud.

    I hope the challenge raised plenty of money for a really valuable cause.

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    FnordFnord CanadaBeta Tester Posts: 15

    Nice one!

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