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Official V3 presets?

bleurghbleurgh Sydney, AustraliaPosts: 22

The official presets available for download on the Synthstrom website are all pre v3 firmware presets. In the case of Kits their XML structure is really different. And the presets don't have the names recorded inside the XML. Are there any plans to update this @Ian_Jorgensen ? :smile:

Or if someone has gone through all of the presets, saved them as v3 and included names, would they kindly be able to share that with us (if acceptable to Synthstrom)?

@rohan from a troubleshooting perspective, I imagine it might also be better for you if everyone is using v3+ firmware?



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    bleurghbleurgh Sydney, AustraliaPosts: 22

    The current v2 ones are quite inconsistent in nature as well, with some XML files referencing beta firmware versions and some presumably so old they do not even include the attribute for the firmware version.

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