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Play / Stop Deluge from midi keyboard

BorisBoris FrancePosts: 3

Hi all,
I am trying to play / stop the Deluge from my Novation Impulse 61 midi keyboard.

I navigate to Midi Setting / CMD / Play, and press learn :

  • if I press on a note key on my Impulse, it works. The display says "Set", and I am then able to play / stop the Deluge by pressing this note key. So I guess that I am ok with the procedure.
  • But if I press the "Play" button on my Impulse, it does not work, the Deluge display is stuck on "None". Changing the transport configuration on my Impulse to "MMC" or "CC" does not work.

Am I missing something ?
What kind of message can learn the Deluge for "Play" ?
Is it normal that I can make it learn a note message, but not a Midi Machine Control message (MMC) ?

Thanks !


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    Affectionate_Bee_781Affectionate_Bee_781 United StatesBeta Tester Posts: 38
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    Hm. I have the same setup. I think that the Impulse's transport commands are meant to work with a DAW - I was never able to get them to work with my Octatrack, didn't even try with the Deluge.

    I mapped all the buttons under the faders to different Deluge commands - play, record, loop, layer, tap tempo, undo, redo, etc. There's the perfect amount of them :smile:

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    BorisBoris FrancePosts: 3

    Thanks for this message
    I am not sure to understand : did you manage to map the buttons located under the Impulse faders to the Deluge play, record etc ? If yes, how did you proceed ?
    I tried, but I had the same result than above : the Impulse sends CCs, and the Deluge display stays on "None" in the Midi / CMD / Play menu when I press on learn.

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    djAziddjAzid AmsterdamPosts: 53

    The start/stop command is just a simple midi msg, which should work on any machine, if implemented correctly.

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    Affectionate_Bee_781Affectionate_Bee_781 United StatesBeta Tester Posts: 38

    @Boris Yes I used the 8 buttons underneath the Impulse faders to map to play, record, etc.

    You should be able to use the exact process that you used when you pressed a keyboard key. Might need to look into the settings of the buttons on the Impulse. Press control and then one of the buttons and scroll through the settings. A Note command will definitely work.

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    BorisBoris FrancePosts: 3

    @Affectionate_Bee_781 It works with note command. Problem solved. Thanks again for your help !

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