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List of tested and supported controllers with Deluge's USB hosting



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    bazzmakabazzmaka CHPosts: 12

    @oHn: I've used an adaptor that converts the A-Type plug of the white BSP cable to the B-Type plug of the Deluge. I assume you did the same to connect the KeyStep?! Once connected, the BSP powers up and you can switch it into in controller mode (dedicated key in the uppermost grey area). In controller mode, all the pots and pads of the BSP send midi messages. The detailed configuration (which control sends which message on which channel) is configured in the Arturia Midi Control Center. Does this help?

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    geornageorna United KingdomBeta Tester Posts: 5
    edited August 2020

    I know that the Novation 25 and 49 key SL mk2 series are already listed on there as working, but I'm just here to confirm the 61 key version (SL 61 mk2) also works very well. :)

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    slothmachineslothmachine United KingdomPosts: 4

    I just got a Launchpad X and it was working great until I made the mistake of plugging it into the pc and letting it update... I can't find anywhere a way to downgrade it. It was amazing to use it with deluge! Anybody having the same issue?

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    slothmachineslothmachine United KingdomPosts: 4

    @slothmachine said:
    I just got a Launchpad X and it was working great until I made the mistake of plugging it into the pc and letting it update... I can't find anywhere a way to downgrade it. It was amazing to use it with deluge! Anybody having the same issue?

    Btw I solved the issue using a RPI4 as a usb host. Used a guide but had to make some changes in a couple of places. Until the launchpad is recognised again by the Deluge this will do. If anybody has the same issue and needs a hand setting up a pi hit me up :)

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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 243

    Akai LPD8 works on current firmware v3.1.3

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    dirty_coatdirty_coat Upstate New York USAPosts: 7

    Electron M:S works via midi but, unfortunately the D doesn’t seem to recognize note repeat. Can anyone confirm that a MPD 218’s note repeat works? I would love to practice some finger drumming. Thanks in advance.

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    culbluculblu Posts: 2

    So, this post got a bit long winded, so here's the list of equipment I talk about.
    -- Behringer xTouch Mini
    -- Behringer CMD DV-1
    -- Behringer CMD PL-1
    -- Behringer CMD MM-1
    -- Midi Fighter Twister (out of box experience)
    -- Midi Fighter Twister (updated & tweaked)
    -- FaderFox EC4
    -- Novation Circuit
    -- Arturia keystep pro
    -- Yamaha p71 88 key
    -- Yamaha reface cp

    Also, had to break this up into 2 posts having it all together was "279 characters too long" #feelsBadMan

    Can confirm the following work with the USB host (with notes added)

    General Midi Controllers

    • Behringer xTouch Mini - All buttons (including endless encoder buttons) assignable w/ learn. Endless encoders actually cycle through values properly, and slider goes from 0-50. Midi controller seems unable to go past zero though, and I'm not sure if that's a deluge thing, or the controller's doing. So if the endless encoder is assigned to something that can go into the negatives on the deluge (like Vibrato), then you won't be able to get to those negatives. Almost forgot to mention that both banks (A / B) are assignable individually, so can double the number of assigned knobs/buttons/slider
    • Behringer CMD DV-1 - Buttons assignable, but all knobs only change value to 25 (no higher or less). I'm assuming this is because the endless encoders are not sending + or - values. I ran into an issue with this when trying to use these with Midi2LR (midi to lightroom is why I own all of these), and it had to be fixed by changing how Midi2LR received messages. I'm sure someone more experienced with midi things can provide a more informed analysis as to what's going on, but as is, turning an assigned endless encoder won't change the value from 25 on the deluge. Switching "banks" for buttons works like a charm though, but no velocity sensitive buttons.
    • Behringer CMD PL-1 - Pretty much same story as the DV-1. Scratch wheel isn't assignable at all though, so buyer beware. Oh, but good news is that the single slider here works from 0-50, so that's a plus I guess. Bank switching (just like the rest of the midi controllers mentioned above) works just fine as well
    • Behringer CMD MM-1 - Surprisingly different from the DV-1 and PL-1, the pots work (for the most part). The single "endless encoder" that's a the top center has the same "stuck at value 25" issue when used, but the rest of the encoders (actual pots) all work mostly. I say mostly because there seems to be an issue where the encoders will sometimes max out a 34. After doing a bit of testing, it seems if you turn the encoders slowly, you can make it to 50, but if you turn them quickly, the deluge gets confused, skips through a few numbers, reaches 50 before encoder at max, and then jump down to 34. It's a bit inconsistent as not all encoders did this, and un-assigning and reassigning sometimes fixed the issue, but still very strange behavior. Additionally, all of the sliders seem to only go from 0-28 when assigned to a parameter. I'm not sure what's up with that, but kinda sad that that's the case. Bonus This device is picked up as a powered USB HUB by the deluge. That means you can plug in other midi devices, and they work like normal. I tested this with the Midi Twister + xtouch mini, and both of those devices worked with the same limitations as their individual outline mentioned here.
    • DJ Tech Tools Midi Fighter Twister (out of box experience) - This one worked pretty ok out of the box. The endless encoder knobs are functional, but have the same limit as the xtouch mini (can only go from 0-50/ can't go negative). Also, the four different bans work well, but attempting to use the "press button on encoder and twist" to have it act as a different encoder didn't work at all. Also, attempting assigning the "button presses" of the midi twister wasn't successful. Kind of a bummer since I would love to be able to press and encoder to mute/unmute instruments or tracks from the controller directly.
    • DJ Tech Tools Midi Fighter Twister (Updated experience) - So after typing the above entry, I did note that I hadn't updated the midi fighter twister yet, so I decided to give that a shot and see if it changed anything. I upgraded it from a firmware version "26 June 2014" to firmware version "02 Oct 2019". Behavior still the same as before sadly. Afterwards, I plugged the device back into my computer to check out some of the settings from the Midi fighter twister utility. I was delighted to see that there were SOO MANY Settings that allowed me to customize the device to actually send note messages!! After tweaking the settings, I was finally able to get the twister to a state that I could assign certain encoder presses to various midi functions. Now I can finally disable/enable tracks, press in a certain encoder to enable recording, or trigger a sound, and all of the other things you can normally assign with a midi controller. Also, the 6 side buttons can be assigned to different things as well, so that's some extra value! Will need to play around with it more to get it working exactly how I want it to work, but I now essentially have 4 banks of 16 endless encoders and buttons, and 6 side buttons (70 buttons and 64 encoders)! That's a good amount to do just about anything from a performance perspective :D Also, I still haven't gotten it to get past the issue where the encoders are stuck between 0-50 and they can't go negative (such as in vibrato), but I'll keep playing around to see if I can get past this. I'm assuming (at this point) that the issue is with the Deluge, and not the encoder since this problem is the same as the xtouch mini.
    • Faderfox EC4 - So this one is still on it's way to me in the mail. I ordered it at the same time as the twister b/c I figured as my equipment grew, having tags and the 4k button/encoders that the device offers will be pretty value. Though I can't provide any first hand experience with it, there is a video review already on youtube with the EC4 and deluge. I'll link it here: Faderfox EC4 and Deluge - a perfect match!
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    culbluculblu Posts: 2

    [Second half of my previous post]

    Other midi controllers that are a given

    • Novation Circuit - Not specifically a midi controller, but definantly a pretty useful device for getting velocity sensitive pads and 8 encoders. As a midi controller, you technically have 2 keypads (synth 1 & synth 2) plus 2 drum tracks (drum 1 & drum 2), plus 8 encoder knobs. Keeping the circuit muted, you can do some pretty advanced things by sacrificing one of the synths to use it for triggering multiple kits since it's a 1to1 in regards to midi key - kit pad assignment.
    • Arturia keystep pro - Hands down one of my favorite ways to interact with the deluge when I need a keyboard as everything is in one spot. Not really all that portable, but it works as you'd expect for a 450 dollar (usd) midi keyboard w/ sequencer and CV outs. Oh, I should note that I really only use the keystep pro over 5 pin DIN midi, but I'm pretty confident that the usb midi works.

    Random midi

    • Yamaha p71 88 key - This one was a pleasant surprise as I wasn't really anticipating such a connection to work. That said, the p71 has a usb midi port, and that port can successfully work as a midi controller for the deluge. Yes, it's one of the sillier controllers to mention, but I can confirm first hand that it works :D
    • Yamaha reface cp - Works as a midi controller. I haven't actually tested to see if the knobs are assignable over midi, but I'm almost certain they are not as those encoders are dedicated to the CP's built in controls. Works with the deluge over USB midi, or over 5pin midi just as long as you have the appropriate adapter for the CP


    Ok, I've blabed on for long enough. I just wanted to be sure to mention the Midi Fighter Twister one the interwebs so that way anyone else looking to confirm if it's compatible with the deluge can finally rest easy to know that the answer is yes (just as long as you have a computer to configure it accordingly). I'm a bit sad that I now own both the midi twister and the EC4 as it's kinda redundant right now, but we all know the power of gear acquisition syndrome (gas), so I'll just consider this as me funding research for the greater good of the internet. Hope this helps ^_^

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    AntsnowAntsnow Ventura, CA, USAPosts: 3

    Forgot to post here, AKAI MAX49 works great! No external power needed.

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    udelugeudeluge germanyPosts: 61

    ESI MidiMate eX works to. Direct or via unpowered hub.

    facebook is evil

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    dietervdwdietervdw Stockholm, SwedenPosts: 2
    edited January 2021

    Arturia Minilab Mk1 keyboard works, but endless encoders just make the value of parameters jump around.
    Is there a solution to this?

    You just have to load a configuration preset with absolute controls in the Minilab, and use that one. Works like a charm!

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    ceetronicceetronic Chepstow, South Wales, UKBeta Tester Posts: 62
    edited February 2021

    Novation AFX Station (aka Bass Station) and Presonus ATOM controller works via Raspberry Pi USB MIDI hub

    ATOM Controller MIDI Channels
    PADS = 10
    Knobs = 4

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    HeptagenHeptagen Posts: 263

    @Wingatui said:
    Akai APC Key 25 works with Deluge without midi host. You need to buy a USB B to Female A adapter.

    How so? I have said keyboard, but I can't get it to work without a) using the DC adapter and b) rebooting the deluge while the akai is plugged in.
    (I don't really mind that its not working, but I'm trying to fix a problem with another keyboard that I have and I suspect that there could be a connection.)

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    WingatuiWingatui AustraliaPosts: 8

    @Heptagen said:

    @Wingatui said:
    Akai APC Key 25 works with Deluge without midi host. You need to buy a USB B to Female A adapter.

    How so? I have said keyboard, but I can't get it to work without a) using the DC adapter and b) rebooting the deluge while the akai is plugged in.
    (I don't really mind that its not working, but I'm trying to fix a problem with another keyboard that I have and I suspect that there could be a connection.)

    Yes you have to power the Deluge via DC so it will then have the power to run itself and your midi controller. Deluge battery is not able to power both on its own (Though I think I read somewhere a while back some folk using a power bank (basically a portable battery with USB socket to charge your mobile on the go) to provide the extra oomph of power that your Deluge needs to power your midi controller- might be worth looking into!). And yes you have to boot the Deluge up with your chosen midi controller plugged in regardless of the controller type.

    I haven't used my Deluge much in the last 9 months or so so this info might be slightly outdated by now though so...

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    volstehvolsteh CroatiaPosts: 360

    I successfully used the keystep via usb while powering the deluge from a powerbank with a usb to dc jack cable


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    stefan01stefan01 DeutschlandPosts: 5

    Launchcontrol XL works fine. Launchb control gets power from the Deluge.

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    KeplerKepler Perth, AustraliaBeta Tester Posts: 3

    Ian, you are a god among us mere mortals.

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    rovargasrovargas SpainBeta Tester Posts: 6

    Just tried with Akai MPK mini Play and it works great. There is a nice bonus (what I was looking for): this MPK can run on batteries, so you can use it along with the Deluge without any powerbank or AC connector!

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    roturrotur Adelaide, South AustraliaPosts: 1
    edited October 2021

    Has anyone tried using the Keylab Essentials 61 or the Novation Launchkey Mini Mk3? Neither are on the list and I can't get either to work with the Deluge. The Novation registers as a midi device but no control after that...even after trying the learn button. The Arturia doesn't even register. The Arturia is being powered by a power brick whereas the Novation is usb powered only. Please advise

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    CxmdJrxdCxmdJrxd GermanyPosts: 1

    I successfully use a Livid Instrument Ohm RGB 64 to control the deluge. Deluge runs on cable.

    Note: in order to get it work I have to do these steps:
    1) Plug in midi controller and power on deluge
    2) plug out and immediatly plugin midi controller. The display shows "deta" followed by "midi".

    If time between plug out and plugin is too big, deluge won't display "midi" and controller doesn't work.

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    lobonivaloboniva BerlinPosts: 2
    edited October 2021

    Hi @all,

    just wanted to add two controllers to the list of working keyboards. The Akai MPK mini and as a big surprise the Go:Keys from Roland, it even synchs, tempo has to be entered at the Keyboard then. The organic samples of the Go:Keys and the Deluge sunths are a great Combo and I really like the halfweighted ivory feel Keys. Pretty sure the Go:Piano will work aswell.

    Best Lobo

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