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Recording notes using audition pads not working

nickJnickJ FrancePosts: 2
Hi having fun with the deluge but I can no longer record notes using the audition pads. Each time I touch an audition pad it is recorded on the first note of the sequence regardless of when I touch the pad. It did work correctly before. Anyone noticed this. Is it a bug or am I missing something? Thanks


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    IcoustikIcoustik NorwayModerator, Beta Tester, Mentor Posts: 953

    Haven't heard of that before. MIGHT be a hardware fault - maybe you should just send an email straight to and ask him.

    In that case, their repair service is great and very quick :)

    ~ Distinguished Delugate ᕕ( ◎_◎)ᕗ

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    nickJnickJ FrancePosts: 2
    Just to update. Already received a reply from Rohan. Amazing service. It was my record quantization setting. In the settings menu (refer to the manual), that's the "QUAN" option. setting it to something like 32nd-notes. Worked a treat.

    Merry Christmas everyone

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