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Autogun sample pack + Challenge

FrostFrost Posts: 8

I sampled the first 3000 presets from the amazing Freeware plugin 'Autogun' (link below)

Official Autogun plugin page:

Autogun sample pack download link:

Corresponding presets:

From the official page:
"Autogun is a universe of sounds waiting to be discovered. Based on the Ogun synthesizer engine and Soundgoodizer effects processor, Autogun contains 4,294,967,296 presets (four billion, two hundred ninety four million, nine hundred sixty seven thousand, two hundred ninety six), most of which have never been heard by human ears."

Because we do not have space for all those presets as samples, we start with the first 3000 ;)

The default length of the samples in the pack is ~14 seconds to allow pads, but if the sound itself did decay before this, the silence was trimmed to reduce storage space.

Bonus idea:

I personally like creating a new synth and loading one random Autogun sample in OSC1 and another random sample in OSC2.
This gets even wilder when using an existing deluge preset instead of creating a new synth, because the modulation adds additional randomness :)

Bonus challenge:

Create 4 synths with the method described above, then discard the one of them you like the least. Feel free to further modulate the sounds as you wish.
These should be the main instruments, but add whatever kits you want to create a song.

Happy Easter :)

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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,066

    thanks Frost, 3000 is a massive upload! downloading now, will try later.

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    ThetimiThetimi GermanyPosts: 7

    Thank you Frost! Awesome work!

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    FrostFrost Posts: 8
    edited April 2020

    You are welcome :)
    Also now added a link to download the corresponding presets.

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