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How to name kits/synths within songs

rivorivo DeutschlandPosts: 4

How can I name a kit or a synth within a song without saving it as a preset? I often create ad-hoc kits/synths and want to name them (so I know what they are when I go to clip mode) but I don't want to save them all in a preset. They all get a number automatically. But how can I enter a name for them within a song?


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    hexagon5unhexagon5un MunichBeta Tester Posts: 112

    You can name the track in Arrange mode. See if that does what you want.

    Switch over to Arrange mode, press and hold the audition button of the track you want to name, and tap the "Name" pad off the big matrix. (One above Arp mode, one below EQ high freq if you have an old pad.)
    This name will show up when you long-press one of the track's pads in Song view, or when you press audition in Arrange view.

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    rivorivo DeutschlandPosts: 4

    That's exactly what I needed. Thank you!

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