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Roland boutique sync and record


Hi, I was wondering how to sync 3 Roland boutique with deluge and record everything on the deluge’s, any guide with which cables and USB / midi connectors hub To use is appreciated!



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    duelinmarkersduelinmarkers Austin TX USPosts: 137

    According to this forum post the boutiques do a "soft-thru," so maybe you can just daisy-chain midi DIN cables for control.

    You could record two mono signals at once with a dual-mono to stereo cable like this one and assigning L and R inputs to separate clips. To record three things at once you'll need a mixer and won't be able to have all three on separate clips.

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    Thanks for your msg! I’ll definitely try following this premise

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    GerwinGerwin GermanyPosts: 30

    You could also use a midi thru box to split midi to several devices.
    Iconnect mio is an Interface and works also as a merger and thru box. It has even Midi Filter and remapping funktions. It runs your hardware even without computer. But if you wish you can connect two Pc or iPads.

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