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Managing workflow with multiple devices and sourcing additional sounds


Hi all,

I am wondering about workflow with my Deluge and an RC-505, plus Kaossilator Pro+ (plus maybe some software synths as well - I have Omnisphere).

I enjoy using the Deluge by itself, but am limited to its supplied sounds. I bought some samples, but they're not exactly what I am looking for. I think a whole new bank of sounds is in order, should I know what to buy and where to get them.

I've considered a Digitone too, but at this time and trying to make due with the great equipment I already have.

So, I am not sure what I am asking for entirely, except how are some of you managing your workflow with similar devices, and what possibly are you using for sounds (aside from the Deluge's onboard sounds)?

Thank you!


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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USAPosts: 191

    I am keeping my setup small. I use a Virus Ti I bought used to cover additional synth sounds and have accumulated a large collection of samples over the years. I picked some of my favorite samples and bought some new sample packs for vintage drum machines to expand what I already had. I also use a Roland boutique synth. I have several and might even hook up two if needed. Also hook up a DIN Sync RE-303 sometimes. The Virus Ti is 16 part multitimbral so I actually rarely use the built in synths of the Deluge. Ocassionally. The Deluge synth is very capable if tweaked right on sound creation.

    Using a Kenton 1 in, 5 out active midi thru box to hook up the other midi capable synths and to sync my Future Retro Orb sequencer (303 style sequencer) connected to my mb33 303 clone synth (MB33 goes thru OCD Overdrive pedal and MiniFooger bucket brigade delay).

    All these sources plugged into a Behringer X-Air 12 mixer. Mixer is compact with no transport controls - all transport, bus routings, 4 fx processors synced by midi to deluge, etc including built in record directly to wav on usb stick done on an iPad app via X-Air 12 built in WiFi connection. Stereo out from mixer via XLR to an HK Audio Lucas Nano 300 PA System.

    If I wanted to be really compact, I would ditch the hardware synths and just hook up my iPad via midi and either control softsynths from the deluge or midi sync BeatMaker 3 to the deluge. BM3 has capability for multiple iOS plugin synths within it or use Korg Gadget 2 which also has these capabilities but for the Korg iOS synths plus its array of synth/sampler/drum machine “gadgets”. One could use a multitrack app the same way like Auria or similar. I have two Yamaha CBX-K1 37 mini key keyboards that can run on batteries of necessary to input keys if not using the Deluge pads to create on. Lately I just use the keyboard view on the Deluge to play the external instruments. Getting used to 128 pad layout to play more.

    The deluge really is a All in one capable unit though. I have some favorite synths so I use those, but if I got more into the deluge synth I think I could create some crazy sounds on it.

    Samples - producerloops, or any of the big sample sites really. You can preview samples and buy pretty inexpensive, then tweak it if you want the sample to sound unique. You can also buy a good hardware pocket sized two mic recorder like Zoom makes or other companies and sample to your hearts content or hook up your smartphone or tablet to the deluge input and sample away anything you want that’s online for new sounds. Free sample sites are also around and you can grab a bunch of free samples. It’s a good sampler - go nuts with it if you want.

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    NRuckNRuck UKBeta Tester Posts: 78

    I'd say "Get sampling". The Deluge is a great sampler and you can of course turn any sample / sound into a synth by making it really short (ie about 20 milliseconds or a bit either side of that) and setting the playback of that sound to 'Loop' I've made lots of patches this way from sampling everything from a cheap theremin to guitars, cellos vocals, farts , burps (coz I'm British and childish). You will need to transpose these to be in key but that's easily achieved. I have bought samples from Loopmasters and have my Maschine software library to plunder as well, but sampling on the Deluge is so much fun, I prefer doing that.

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    OrrenHsiehOrrenHsieh Texas,USAPosts: 1
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    Hi...with the new audio system, would now be a good time to allow multiple audio listeners for things like split screen?
    Last time it was asked the answer was ~"it's too confusing". Well, what's more confusing is for only one player to have any audio, especially since every console game since the 80's with multiplayer uses splitscreen. They all have multiple listeners, so I think people are used to it.

    complete pcb

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