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First Attempt


Here's my first attempt to make a piece of music with Deluge. Actually my first 'finished' piece of electronic music at all, really (though I'm pretty sure it's not actually finished - I'm sure I'll want to make further tweaks and changes to improve it). I played keyboards in a band for several years and wrote all my own keyboard parts, but I wasn't one of the main songwriters.

Anyway I had recently been messing around with a DAW and a couple of synths for about three months, learning a lot but not really getting anything substantial done other than making some cool patches with hardware and software synths. Then I found out about Deluge and the workflow just seemed so much more intuitive to me than working with a DAW. I got my Deluge around a week and a half ago and have had about four days to work with it, and I've done more in terms of actually making music in that time than three months with a DAW. Deluge is awesome!

All the sounds are from Deluge, all factory patches except for the pulsating/swishy sound which is a patch I programmed from scratch.

Criticism more than welcome, I'm well aware it's a first attempt and far from perfect, and I'm not sure how to make it better at this point.


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