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New Synth Presets?

Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandPosts: 614
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Hey everyone!

With the coming updates on of the new osc types and drive filer, Rohan and I thought it was about time to update the standard presets that come with the Deluge.

We’d be really keen though to involve the community in this, so hoping that you're keen to share your favourite presets with the world!

If you’re keen, please send me maximum eight .xml files to (by June 7th 8am US ET - real soon) alongside a maximum five word description of each preset too. Please just one email per person.

Also, if you are keen, give me the name and URL you’d like me to publish in the manual when crediting each of the presets used. These will be in the online manual too. To thank those whose presets we end up using we'll send you a li'l wee gift in a while :)
Apologies if we are not able to use any presets you send us, we won’t be able to use all. As well as considering the new ASAW/ASQUARE and Drive Filter, please don’t forget all the other features of the current synth engine, especially if you don’t have the current beta.

If you are really keen to contribute, but can’t make that deadline, send me an email and let me know when you could get them to me by.

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