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How do you connect a midi controller (ie Drum Pads ) to a kit track????

fxsfxs Santiago ChilePosts: 4

Trying to connect my Roland spd sx sampling Pads to be able to play drums of a kit track, trough midi, with the spd sx pads, is it possible to do that?

Cheers from Chile


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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usaPosts: 296

    i dont personalty know the spdsx, but i see it has midi out, so it should work fine.
    from the manual:

    The process for assigning an external control (the type which will send a MIDI note-on) to a
    function for which you can see a button / pad is as follows:
    ● Ensure that your MIDI controller device is appropriately connected to the Deluge - either
    by physically connecting its MIDI output to the Deluge’s hardware MIDI input, or by using
    software to route the MIDI to the Deluge via its USB connection.
    ● Hold down the learn button on the Deluge, and then also hold down the button or pad on
    the Deluge for the function that you wish to assign MIDI control to - for instance, a
    “launch” pad (second from right; green or red) belonging to a track in song view . The
    button / pad will begin to blink, indicating that you have the option to assign MIDI control
    to it.
    ● While holding these two buttons / pads on the Deluge, press the button or key on your
    MIDI controller that you wish to assign to this function on the Deluge. The button / pad
    that you are holding on the Deluge should begin blinking pink to indicate that MIDI
    control is assigned. (In the case of non-pad buttons, they are not capable of flashing
    pink, but see the next step to verify that MIDI control is correctly assigned to a given
    Now that MIDI control is assigned, anytime that you hold down the learn button, whatever
    buttons or pads that MIDI control is assigned to will blink pink - or just blink their normal colour in
    the case of non-pad buttons. To unassign MIDI control from a button or pad, just press it while
    holding down the “MIDI learn” button.
    And, you can now use the button or key on your MIDI controller to enact whatever function you
    assigned it to on the Deluge.

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    fxsfxs Santiago ChilePosts: 4

    It worked, Thanks a lot, I´m playing a multisampled UFIP ride cymbal, on the spd sx, 9 samples for one cymbal, it sounds very realistic!!!! Cheers from Chile,

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usaPosts: 296

    😎 glad you got it sorted out

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    Abusch419Abusch419 Duluth GA Posts: 5

    Did you ever experience the spdsx “missing notes”?
    I’m trying to play snare rolls and it’s missing some of them. I don’t know if it’s the deluge or drum pad missing the notes either.
    Strangely this morning I changed the resolution to the max and it worked but I think it was coincidental since it’s now not working.

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    Abusch419Abusch419 Duluth GA Posts: 5

    It works fine with a usb midi cable strangely enough….

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