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Auto section song mode change bug

rpc9943rpc9943 New York usaBeta Tester, Mentor Posts: 184
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  1. make section with notes
  2. clone it
  3. transpose or change the new cloned track. Duplicate the length of this new track
  4. copy first section again as a 3rd section
  5. order each track to auto change at 1 loop
  6. press play and watch how the 2nd track we had duplicated length the bar somehow ends half way through and plays to the next

in short, it appears that the length of the next pattern dictates the current pattern... ?

Here is a second bug I have just encountered. Could each copy track also copy the number of the pattern repeat? It seems to work but then suddenly it will change to a different number. Try this:

  1. make track
  2. change loop to 1 instead of INFI
  3. clone track
  4. change new loop to INFI
  5. clone new track that has INFI set
  6. new track loop defaults to 1 loop
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    rohanrohan Staff Posts: 590

    I've just confirmed that the first problem you mention is indeed a bug! Apologies - I'm working to fix it this very second.

    For your second scenario, I can't replicate it exactly. The thing to remember is that the num-repeats setting (1, INFI, etc) is per-section, not per-track. Cloning a track doesn't necessary create a new section - your new track may end up in an existing section, which may already have its num-repeats set.

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