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Sampling guitars / MIDI control

monononomononono germanyPosts: 1

Hello guys!

I just found this awesome board and was searching around a lot but I am not really getting to the information I am searching for so I hope you guys can help me.
I am a guitar player and I am searching for a compact way to sample guitar play, my voice and sequence a access virus indigo synth. The question is, can I use a MIDI controller foot pedal sending program change signals to trigger the loop / record functions of the deluge? I would like to use it as a loop station but I only have my feet to operate it while playing the guitar...

Would this be possible with the deluge?



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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 247

    Not yet man. I feel you though. There really does seem to be an epic hole in the market for a good midi synced looper. I'm hoping that the Deluge will fill that hole. But currently it doesn't. Search the forum for looper suggestions and up vote them. :smiley:

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    DanipilcrowDanipilcrow FrancePosts: 1

    My guitarist uses a dittox4 for looping. I get to control it from the deluge: I create a track that sends start-stop loop to the ditto. I arm the track with an external midi pedal (color group, I haven’t been able to arm single track) so it starts recording at the beginning of the track. Works fine

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