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Reset parameter knob values quickly

jbone1313jbone1313 Posts: 39

It would be nice to be able to reset the parameter knobs to their default values more quickly.

For example, currently, after you have changed the pitch knob, when you want to set the pitch back to the default, you have to slowly turn the job until it blinks. At that point you know it is back to the default. This process can be kind of fiddly and RSI inducing.

With the Elektron boxes, you can hold shift while turning the knobs, and the parameters go low-default-high or something like that. A similar thing with the Deluge would be very handy. Or, perhaps a shortcut to simply reset the parameter would be cool. (Are there any left, lol?)

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    llexamllexam USABeta Tester Posts: 73

    A display of parameter values on screen during adjustment would also be helpful with this, with associated <> knob for changing cursor position/decimal value to speed up the process.

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