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Improve stretch algorithims

jbone1313jbone1313 Posts: 39

I searched the forum, and I did not see any other posts about this.

It seems like the stretch algorithm could be improved or perhaps different algorithms for different types of material could be offered. In Ableton and Octatrack there are different algorithms for different types of material.

I am mainly asking about this in the context of pitch shifting samples by un-linking pitch and time, and then moving the pitch up or down. There are tons of artifacts, especially at higher pitches.

Side question: Anyone have any tips for getting the most out of the existing algorithm?

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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, GermanyBeta Tester Posts: 247

    Gotta say I'm a big fan of digital artifacts...
    When I don't want them I just use Ableton as they've had years and big budgets to really nail it.

    The current algorithm works well on kick samples over large octave ranges.
    Claps get some nice noise when slowed down on and trimmed.
    But longer samples tend to gain artifacts quickly.
    Not sure if it was because I was using a 15min recording chopped down to 3 seconds but when I changed it from cut to stretch without changing the bpm I got some flanging.

    Pitchshifting and time stretching with good quality is fairly new In my experience - compare the Boss OC-2 with the EHX Pog2. So I never had high expectations with this feature in independent mode.
    But it would be nice if an improvement was implemented for sure! :smiley:

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    jbone1313jbone1313 Posts: 39

    Thanks for the reply. Yes - digital artifacts can be cool when you want them.

    I found the Octatrack and of course Ableton do a decent enough job. Not expecting perfection.

    One of my favorite things to do is slice melodies and then rearrange them and pitch shift some of the slices.

    Maybe the option to choose a couple different algorithms would be cool. One for beats, one for melodies, and one for "complex" material. Something like that...

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    llexamllexam USABeta Tester Posts: 73

    +1 for different pitch interpolation algos (none, linear, cubic, sine, etc). Probably difficult to implement at this stage though.

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