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Really new Stuff...🙃


Namastè! I'm really new with all These Stuff and don't know what will happen.
My background is the good old goa from '96 and i grow up with these music. It's my real love, but i've never produced Now i decided to dive into to create some Music specially for myself in the First way. I've got now, in a short Time a small setup of tools. There is bitwig and an apc40mk2 for desktop process, and for every situation in-/outside the circuit, keystep and now the at least the deluge. What should come out of these things??
At first it will be more psychill. very deep confusing psychedelic. I Hope that i learn fast to get asap into the sound wich bring my into trance, psycore/experimental at 196-2....bpm🙈 AT THIS POINT...THX FOR 10.000-FAST BPM🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
So far i like the honest communit in the Synth area. The Novation groupe is very great and the bitwig ppl are also very helpfull. And this is also the reason way i ordernd the deluge. I Hope, and i think here with the synthstorm ppl (developers,creators, Musicals, ppl WHO Love to create will be also a great Place to connect with different ppl and Styles. The SD-Card Party Concept was also a Great idea!
I really Write to much sometimes...sorry😜
So wishes to all!

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