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Multiple midi record and thru?

MyrkMyrk Bristol, UKPosts: 93

Hi everyone, just pre-ordered my Deluge today, and I'm feeling as giddy as a school kid!

Have a query about midi control/recording/thru. I'm thinking of a possible setup idea with some of my gear, and wanted to know if it's possible - it seems so from reading the manual but it's a bit grey.

My setup would be using a 1986 SynthAxe running into a Kurzweil PC3 that splits the fretboard of the SynthAxe into 4 synths on different midi channels (allows me to simultaneously play 3 or 4 synths with different melodies, something you can't do with 2 hands on a normal keyboard!). The Kurzweil I'd plug into the midi input of the Deluge, with the midi out going to my midi router that will send out to the synths on the 4 channels. Question: Can the deluge record multiple midi tracks simultaneously, and send the thru signal whilst recording? Basically treating the deluge as a midi loop station. I guess I would also need to pre-make the tracks on the correct midi channels before I record?

This would be mindblowingly cool if it's possible!


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    rohanrohan Staff Posts: 587

    Yes. If MIDI thru is on, all incoming messages are echoed, even if they're being recorded. And yes if you have 4 tracks on the Deluge with separate MIDI channels controlling them, anytime the Deluge's "record" function is active, it will record any incoming MIDI notes to the appropriate tracks(s) on the Deluge.

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