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Arranger questions

jbone1313jbone1313 Posts: 39
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Hi all,

I am so close to hitting the order button on a Deluge. I have some questions about the new arranger with regards to how the unique instances work on the timeline.

Let's say I have worked out an arrangement. On the fourth track, on the sixth step, I create a unique instance. Then, I go into loop mode. Is that instance now saved as a new loop instance?

Now, what if, on the second track, on the same step (sixth), I create another new instance. Then, I go into loop mode. Is that instance now also saved as a new loop instance?

In other words, is it possible that I can have a unique loop instance on each and every step in the arranger? Is that how it works?

Now, what if, on one of these unique loop instances, I make a bunch of edits, and I decide that I want to add those to my timeline elsewhere in the arrangement.

How do I tell Deluge to use those unique instances elsewhere in the arrangement?

Many thanks!

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    tacharontacharon HamburgPosts: 44

    As far as I understood it: Yes, you can have unique loop instanes everywhere, if you wish. And you can copy any loop instance in the time line (and it would take an extra step to make that copy unique).

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    VondragonnogginVondragonnoggin California, USAPosts: 199
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    Super booth video was exciting and drove me over the edge to actually purchase the Deluge. Arranger view looks to be one of the features that will fit my workflow great and talk of version 2.0 in the future having ability to record a song out of live play is the icing on the cake. Really hope it gets implemented as talked about in the interview. Fantastic updates!

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