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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usaPosts: 296

    andreasroman said:
    "In terms of architecture and flexibility, the Deluge can’t be beat. I have a friend who works with software development in embedded systems (to hardware), and he’s got the synth bug as bad as I do, if not more. He explained to me the reason why some groove boxes have these odd bugs such as pattern gaps, tempo sync issues and stuff. He figured, they’re very aware of what they’re doing when these things occur, and they’ve made a choice - a pattern stocked full with fx, motion recording, filters, envelops and stuff and polyphony to boost, is so complex in terms of processing power that it’s essentially it’s own song. So when you switch patterns between say the Electribe or the TR-8S, the glitch you’re hearing is because essentially, it’s the equivalent of loading a new project in a DAW environment or from your Digitakt or whatever."

    ive considered this to be the case also. When a pattern loads, its basically like opening a new project in a daw. You wouldn't expect to open a new song project in Ableton Live seamlessly one from the next.

    the ability to create a pattern of near infinite track count and bar length is fantastic and its the formula that Deluge got right. that along with direct sd card sample deluge for the WIN

    i had an octatrack, and while capable, i still found myself hitting what felt like imposed limits and spent more time in the settings menus than creating music. its scene/cross fade feature was great and innovative though for sure. also record trigs and the whole plock trig way of working cant be discredited.

    im not selling my deluge

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