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Help needed with single cycles

RandomAztecRandomAztec IrelandPosts: 108
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Ok so I have downloaded adventure kids single cycle wave forms and also the redistribution transposed to c. If I load the sample loop it and reduce the volume to approx 50 percent as suggested elsewhere in this forum. I still get this terrible clicking noise at the start of each note. If I set both the amp and filter envelopes to 0 for all adsr stages it highlights the issue. Any help please ?
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    SamSam WellingtonModerator, Staff Posts: 160

    Hi @RandomAztec! My guess would also be that turning down the individual oscillator volumes might help. Depending on your patching, you might need to go a little lower than 50 percent. Is this happening with every sample in the pack or just with certain ones?

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    OdoSendaidokaiOdoSendaidokai BerlinPosts: 326

    You could try to set the start point of the sample after the click?

    Odo Sendaidokai from Berlin

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    RandomAztecRandomAztec IrelandPosts: 108

    Sorry for not getting back to this I have moved off the single cycle stuff a while back and I'm trying to use the on board synth more. I have wiped them off the card now.
    I'll try them out again with ver 2.0

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    dest4bdest4b Frankfurt, GermanyPosts: 98
    edited June 2018

    Attack at 0 gives clicks on any good synthesizer fist fast envelopes ;)
    try to set attack to 5 - 8 or maybe 12 it depends on the sound. also Release to 0 results in clicks. and if the proportional difference from Attack to decay and sustain is to big . you will get clicks. on synths with fast envelopes.

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