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House Tracks for you to remix


Remix my tracks or jam with them or whatever. Give me credit though and send me whatever you make! Check my youtube so you can hear, which tracks are included here (just look for the SONG ID CODE "228k" for example is the one above.) None of these songs have any additional samples just the ones that come with the deluge originally. They use presets that come from my packs (download - though not sure if you'll need those (either way you should have them ;)).


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    tapiustapius Posts: 7
    edited July 2018

    for some reason the last 2 tracks play at a very low volume can't understand how to fix it.

    I have all the patches are there kits/samples as well?

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    dmoefunkdmoefunk United StatesPosts: 2

    Great! I will be sure to send you any remixes I do. I am excited to play with what you made.

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