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Is this the ultimate Deluge upgrade?

FASTFAST CaliforniaPosts: 45
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Supports up to 4096 uncompressed 16-bit, 44.1kHz mono or stereo WAV files – CD quality
Polyphonic – Play and mix 32 mono or 18 stereo tracks independently and simultaneously
8 audio output channels, can be arranged as 4 stereo outputs. Route any track to any output
Outputs provide independent real-time playback rate control and MIDI Pitch Bend
Seamless looping over arbitrary track length
Trigger-to-sound delay: 8 msecs typ, 12 msecs max
Pause and resume individual or groups of tracks
Multiple random trigger ranges
16 trigger inputs are individually selectable for contact closure or 3.3Vcontrol
Trigger inputs can be individually inverted (active low or high)
Trigger inputs can be individually set to be edge, latched or level sensitive
Output volumes adjustable from +10dB to -70dB
Firmware track fades (attacks & decays)
A dedicated “Play” status digital output pin
Extensive serial control. Pin compatible with SparkFun FTDI Basic 3.3V
MIDI Velocity-sensitive triggering of up to 4096 tracks, adjustable attack and release times


Maybe sacrifice the CV/Gate jacks for audio and use downrush to move samples and it could go in with minimal modifications.

Drilling holes is cool too.

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