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Option to disable midi velocity

I would love to record notes with my midi keyboard without having to worry about velocity.

Could be in simple form like this:

Turning it ON records midi velocity as usual.
Turning it OFF records notes at default Deluge velocity, regardless of how hard you press key or not.


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    FrostyMMBFrostyMMB Posts: 1

    I'd like this as well. As an additional feature, a setting for a default, constant velocity for MIDI would be useful, like this:
    SETTINGS -> MIDI -> VELO (ON/OFF/0-128)

    When using a MIDI controller with a synth track, the velocity patching (to master volume by default) can be be set to 0 (from 25 by default) to disable velocity for synth track control, but this doesn't apply to MIDI track recording. The option to disable velocity entirely for MIDI tracks, as _INFU suggests, would be nice.

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    rdorscherdorsche New York, USAPosts: 10
    edited May 2018

    Hi there, first post, just got my Deluge this week. LOVE. IT.

    The solution in most of these cases here is to set the velocity curve somewhere in your controller's menu, most modern synths and controllers have the option to set it to low response or turn it off altogether.

    I'm suggesting to Synthstrom to add something similar in the Deluge options. For Velocity and Aftertouch.

    I'm also trying to figure out how to assign the mod wheel as a standard vibrato and/or standard filter control, as the default is on most synths. I'm sure I'll find it in the box eventually. Or if anyone could share how to do that, let me know (assign the mod wheel).

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    rdorscherdorsche New York, USAPosts: 10

    on THIS note, will we be able to layer multiple samples by velocity layer/ranges?
    That would be ideal.

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