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Couple of Issues With latest version (sample editor)


Thanks for the recent developments Jamie - the potential is very exciting!

I was giving the latest addition (sample editor) a test today and there were a couple of bugs/quirks:

  • using the Normalise function seems to add a DC offset to the sample data. You can physically see and hear it. It happened on every sample that I tried so wasn't just limited to one, possibly problematic one.

  • if you assign a sample to a kit (on the Deluge) and then edit that sample on Downrush and save it, it appears to save OK but then the edits to the sample don't seem to be apparent on the Deluge. I tried to reload the sample in the kit but it remained in it's original state, even though in the Downrush editor it was changed


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    jamiefayejamiefaye Chicago, ILBeta Tester Posts: 86

    I am getting the same result. I think the Deluge is caching relatively-short sample data in RAM and does not notice that the file on disk has changed. Even ejecting the SD card doesn't seem to force a refresh, neither does going to a different song and coming back. The only way to force it to reload the sample data is to power cycle the unit. I will report this as a problem to Rohan.

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    jamiefayejamiefaye Chicago, ILBeta Tester Posts: 86

    As for normalize, you are the second person to observe that I am not handling DC offset correctly. I will improve this.

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    neilbaldwinneilbaldwin UKBeta Tester Posts: 143

    Thanks Jamie.

    New update is a huge improvement in terms of the DC offset. I spotted that it now seems possible to save an edited sample but each time I tried I was getting corruption. Saving to a new sample (just changing the filename by appending a letter to it in Downrush) saved the data correctly though which is handy and interesting. Each time I had corruption the sample in question was currently being used in a kit. Will test it further.

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