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Got it running!


Following Jamie's instructions on the read me file found on the github page, i was able to get downrush accessed from my new wifi card! it wasn't too terrible but had a few steps involved and i can see why some people would just want a card ready to go. But you still need to get it setup on your computer and or phone running alongside. i also got the internet pass thru feature turned on with the card but haven't ran it thru its paces yet to see if it lags or hiccups.
whats really cool is you can practically hot-swap new samples from your desktop or phone--as the sequencer is running! even on the octatrack you had to stop and mount/unmount the unit as a storage device first and then transfer your files. it basically is giving the Deluge a built in wifi adapter. very cool.
the downrush software has some great utility and a lot of potential. Thanks Jamie for getting this all together! you're a clever cookie! ha


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    FilpalFilpal Paris, FrancePosts: 27

    Sounds good !!! Let’s go for it. I’m going to buy one asap.

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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usaPosts: 296

    i did somehow corrupt the config file messing with some settings on my own and had to reformat and reinitialize the card using the toshiba utility...but the good news is it can be messed up and still fixed! ha

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    JonesyJonesy VirginiaPosts: 14

    Hi, Is there a tutorial on how to connect with our SD card via WIFI?

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