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How to get Downrush and the XML viewer


I created a github repository for the Deluge FlashAir project which I call downrush. Putting these files on a FlashAir SD card and placing the card into the Deluge creates a tiny web server that lets you browse the files that the Deluge is using remotely using WiFi. You can upload and download .WAV sample files as well as synths, kits, and songs. At the moment, functionality is minimal and installation isn't easy. I will soon be making available FlashAir cards with Downrush pre-installed.

The Downrush XML viewer can also run stand-alone (not needing a FlashAir card). This tool helps you to understand the contents of SONG, SYNTH, and KIT files by displaying piano-roll style displays of the notes in synth, kit, Midi, and CC tracks, as well as all the synth parameters in a tabular form. To make this easier to use, I created a Google Drive link which I update regularly as the software is improved.


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