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Sampling Issues



I've just recorded every note on my acoustic piano and used the wav files to create a new kit on the Deluge. I'm having a couple of issues with it that I can't work out.

  1. I can't work out how to use the kit in any other song or even on another track in the same song. The kit is number 44 and this doesn't show up when I try to load it in another track or song.

  2. When I load a different kit and then reload my sampled piano kit, some of the notes get reordered or disappear completely. I've corrected this a few times, putting notes back in the correct order and reloading samples where necessary, but as soon as I turn the parameter knob that selects a different kit, and then come back to my sampled piano kit, many of the notes get messed up again.

Can anyone help?


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    minigoatminigoat cincinnati ohio usaPosts: 296

    Are you saving the kit before you change songs? you need to be in the edit screen by pressing the data knob first to save kits/synths...youll then see the kit led blink...otherwise you save the song...that help?

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    SamSam WellingtonModerator, Staff Posts: 160

    Hi @martyncottey! The ordering issue is a known bug that should have been addressed in one of the firmware updates. Have you tried with the latest 1.3.2 firmware? It can be found here:

    As for saving kits - to save them s they show up in other songs, you need to go into the sound editor and then hit the save/delete button. So:

    1) Go to your kit and select any one of the rows
    2) Press the select knob once, to enter the sound editor
    3) Press the save/delete button
    4) Use the select knob to choose the slot you want the kit to save in
    5) Press the save/delete knob again to confirm this (the display should blink "dONE")
    6) Press back to exit the sound editor

    Hope that helps :smile:

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