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occasional freezes since the latest firmware


good morning,
I have the Deluge firmware V1p3p2-RC.bin installed and since then I experience freezes from time to time...
I have the deluge slaved via USB midi to the Octatrack... This goes through the Iconnect midi 4 plus
Freezes happen when the deluge is not playing and I change to a different song.. The rotating bar in the display stops in the upper region of the display while loading and then the deluge is frozen....
I could repeat that several times..
If the OT is off and deluge itself is the master then the freezes don't occur...
I had this setup running from the beginning, which was in firmware 1.3...
Anyone else experiences that?


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    fluteheadflutehead Frankfurt, GermanyPosts: 36

    I returned yesterday to my Deluge after the initial tests some 4 weeks ago, and now am seeing complete freezes after around a minute of operation.
    Updating the firmware hadn't changed anything. I'm in contact with Synthstrom, seems to be an issue with power ...

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    mpiecorampiecora United StatesPosts: 29

    I had a freeze within my first few hours of using it while trying to load a new song. It hasn't happened since but I think it should be mentioned- it was powering over USB from the wall. I love this machine

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    Ian_JorgensenIan_Jorgensen Wellington, New ZealandPosts: 441
    edited February 2018

    If you are having freezing issues, please get in touch with us, you'll find a link for a Contact form on the About page of the website.

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