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How to change linear automation cc to a bipolar cc for external synth bipolar parameter?

AmosAmos Byron BayPosts: 3


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    rezareza los angelesPosts: 627
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    this isn't implemented with automation view i'm assuming this would be within midi clips, right? functionally it should work the same, but i'm sure it would be nice to have the visual queue that the automation is affecting a bipolar parameter


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    AmosAmos Byron BayPosts: 3
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    Thank you Reza
    Yes midi and it is visual queue. I thought I had seen a tube clip where midi automation was converted bipolar. Thanks for confirming.
    Like automation for bpm and arp gate the values can be manually implemented in an audio file live adjustment during recording.

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    rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 627

    just a heads up, there are bipolar automation lanes, but those are only for synth/kit clips, where we know for a fact the value is bipolar (pan, modulations (eg. lpf > env1), and pitch). maybe one day we can make midi cc's have user defined behaviors of linear vs bipolar

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