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Triger audio record by input threshold ?


Hi all

Is there a way to trigger audio record by audio input threshold ?
Because stopping séquencer and press record then play it's ok but you have to stop the séquencer.
And if recording live in a kit, you need press record so i have a silence at the beggining of the record because of the Time to put my hand on my instrument.




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    rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 627

    not at the moment, it's been discussed for community firmware but hasn't been tackled.

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    MahieuMahieu FrancePosts: 6

    Thanks for answer

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    MahieuMahieu FrancePosts: 6

    Actually i found a solution : in song view, if i mute the instrument's row then i press PLAY, then i press RECORD, then when i unmute the instrument's row the recording start at the next loop, so i can play like that : ]

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