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Operator's Choise | Deluge Sound Pack


Dear Delugers,

Here is the 'Operator's Choise' Sound Pack for the Deluge with new multi-sampled and a careful selection of single sampled sounds also used in my previously released OP-1 Field sound packs.

All samples are resampled, manually re-looped and heavily optimised (total size of this Sound Pack is under the 128 megabytes in total) resulting in 375 (multi) samples for a total of 50 new 'synth' sounds and 1 new breakbeat drum chop kit.

Compatible with older firmware (3.0.0 and above) as well as all the new (non/official) firmwares.
In below video you can listen to all the patches (headphones recommended) and I hope you'll enjoy it! Cheers


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