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Phantom instrument rows adding to kit and then messing up entire sequence.

broughtonfilmbroughtonfilm New YorkBeta Tester Posts: 70
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I'm using Deluge Oled with firmware C1.0.1.
EDIT: This turns out to not be Open Source specific, this bug is also present in the regular Official Firmware 4.1.4 for Oled Deluge.

When in KIT mode, pressing on the grid on rows which don't have samples, makes the Deluge add phantom samples to the kit (the LAUNCH/MUTE pads light up suggesting the kit now has more samples). It is very easy to do accidentally. Notes of those rows don't play because their samples are phantom BUT as soon as you change the kit (with the select dial) to a different one and then go back to the same kit (again, it could even happen accidentally) the samples of the kit are reassigned (sort of pushed down in order) and the notes that were phantom now have actual samples from the kit AND the entire sequence gets messed up.

This is an EXTREMELY annoying bug which ruins my sequences.

To replicate the issue:

  1. Enter KIT mode.
  2. Input random steps/notes on the grid rows which have assigned kit samples (their LAUNCH/MUTE pads are lit).
  3. Input steps/notes on the very first row below all the kit samples - the LAUNCH/MUTE pad of this row lights up as if there was a new sample loaded into the kit) creating a "new/phantom" sample. IMPORTANT: if you skip a row and not use the very next row below the existing kit samples, the bug does not happen.
  4. Press PLAY. Only the steps/notes in the rows with actual samples play out (the steps/notes in the row with "new / phantom" kit samples don't play).
  5. Change the kit by turning the SELECT knob to the next or previous kit in the Deluge.
  6. Go back to the the kit you just created the sequence in by turning the SELECT knob again. The steps/notes in the "new / phantom" rows now play out and are using samples from rows above in the kit. The kit samples are doubled. Occasionally, the steps/notes in the rows which had the actual kit samples and behaved as expected are now shifted down and are using wrong samples from the same kit.

Expected behavior:

I expect that pressing on the grid on rows which have no assigned samples does nothing.


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    broughtonfilmbroughtonfilm New YorkBeta Tester Posts: 70

    I'm not asking this in a snarky way, I'm just genuinely curious: does no one else find this Deluge behavior to be a bug and annoying? If it is not a bug, what is the purpose of such behavior?

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