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Controlling Deluge and external synths using Deluge midi thru


Hello! I've been working on my new live set and I've been trying to figure out how I can use an Akai APC40, or any other controller to control both my Deluge and the synth (Typhon) and effects pedal (Microcosm) I have connected to the Deluge. Everything goes fine with controlling the Deluge parameters, but I can't map the other external machine's parameters using the Deluge's midi thru. Is there any workaround for this?

I thought that the process for doing this would be:

1- map the external synth MIDI cc's to the Deluge golden knobs
2- map the equivalent parameters to the external controller

But it doesn't work. And I tried everything! Could anyone help me, please? Anyone who did this before?


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    djAziddjAzid AmsterdamPosts: 199

    Maybe use a midi thru box, instead of using the deluge's midi thru.

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    miguelmcintramiguelmcintra PortugalPosts: 9

    @djAzid Thanks for your reply! I have good news, I gave up on the APC40 as my controller, I bought a Novation Launch Control XL which works perfectly with the cc editor software (Novation Components) B)

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