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DJ mode, is this possible using the Deluge?

FranFran Posts: 3
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Hi, before writing this post I looked in this forum and in the manual but I had no success.

I was wondering if it's possible to make a DJ set (with full songs, possibly as samples) using the Deluge uniquely. I mean, I suppose one should load the full songs from the SD card as one-shot samples, and since there is no inbuilt bpm-detector, one must know the bpm of the songs in advance...

The Roland SP-404 MK2 has a DJ mode, which even allows to nudge the songs. The Elektron Octatrack and also the Akai Force don't have such DJ mode but it's also possible to do a DJ set (although a bit tediuos I think).

Anybody knows if this is possible/feasible with the deluge??


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    chrisrolandchrisroland United StatesPosts: 39
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    in theory, the next project song will load seamlessly at the end of the current-playing project (or after however many loops of the current playing sections you tell Deluge to load on). though my understanding from other Deluge users if the incoming project is sample heavy, the load time may not be instantaneous. within a single Deluge, i think that's about as "DJ" as it gets.

    of course you could always buy two and link them together via MIDI . . .

    (Hapax is the only hardware sequencer i know with dual-project architecture, which is much closer to actual DJ switching between track 1 and track 2. but it is only a MIDI sequencer, no audio. and the pattern/song limitations in the workflow (imo) are pretty severe compared to the flexibility that Deluge affords.)

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