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Voice stealing on nightly firmware

BoeBoe GeorgiaPosts: 1
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Hi there! I've been using open source firmware and enjoyed it alot.
However it seem that it uses more processing power and thus projects that sounded ok on og firmware now have a bunch of notes just abruptly stop playing. I thried things like not using unison on synths, less delay, less reverb etc. Also when I set up the priority of a track with alot of voice stealing to HIGH then this track sounds fine but every other track is just messed up. I tried to return to og firmware but when loading this particular project it couldn't open and showed the FIRM error on numerical screen. I assume it tries to say that this project is not compatible with this og firmware, but i didnt really use any features of nightly firm on this prticular song. So i downloaded nightly firmware again, installed it. And now this project has eve more voice stealing for some reason :lol:
I cant really figure out what's happening and how to fix it. Can someone point me in the right direction?
Maybe there is way to turn of features of new firmware so that it can open on older one?

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    rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 600
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    when you save a project on the community firmware, even if you made no changes, it will update the .XML at the top which tells the deluge that the firmware is incompatible with OG firmware.

    firmwareVersion="whatever nightly firmware name is here"

    you can actually manually adjust the earliestCompatibleFirmware to the latest OG firmware number and in most cases the project will load on OG firmware again. for instance, you can type in "4.0.0".

    currently the nightly and beta firmware have received a lot of improvements almost daily concerning the voice stealing issues you have. generally the voice stealing is more prominent for longer samples than it is synths.

    try either updating to the newest nightly now or even trying the newest beta. it might be helpful for you to share the filename of the nightly you are currently using that you said is making the issues worse.

    also, if you set too many clips with high priority, it will cause more and more issues. it's best to leave the priority changes to a minimum

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