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Tempo stretching and cut mode


I was wondering if it is possible to load a drumloop sample and to get it automatically settled to match the song tempo and then use it in cut mode ?
Strech mode is nice but it plays the whole sample only.

It would also be very usefull with sliced samples used at a different tempo than their original tempo…

Thanks !


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    rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 610

    first, load the drum loop into an audio clip, it will be automatically stretched to the project tempo.
    from there, resample it! make sure only the audio clip of the drum loop is solo'd/active, then hold REC + PLAY to start resampling, before the loop finishes, hit REC+PLAY again and it will end the resample right at the end of the loop.

    you can create a new kit and the resampled drum loop will automatically pop up at the correct tempo. you can slice it from there or do what you want with it.

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    JonathdelJonathdel FrancePosts: 12

    Thank you for your answer, I had the intuition that it would be something like that but Im a lazy person and was hoping for a shortcut... it isn't that complicated tough :)

    Thank you again !

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