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Instantly unmute clip with external midi?

WillGDKWillGDK Los AngelesBeta Tester Posts: 10


I'm currently using a Deluge alongside a Squarp Pyramid, with the pyramid is acting as my main clock.

What's happening is this:
Pyramid is playing Sequence 1, Deluge clock is following along, all tracks are muted.
I switch the Pyramid to Sequence 2. The very first note in sequence sends an unmute command for my clip on the Deluge. The clip blinks, showing that it's waiting to unmute when it gets to the end of the pattern, and then unmutes when it gets back to the beginning.

Sometimes I can get it to work, usually when switching to a one-bar clip, but unmuting something longer gives me a lot of trouble.
Is there a way around it? I know if I'm on the deluge itself, I can hit shift + mute to instantly make the change. Is that possible over midi? Or is there some global setting to change the mute behavior, maybe so a press instantly changes status, and shift + press tells it to wait till the end of the pattern?

Anything would be helpful. Thanks in advance!

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