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Deluge firmware V1.3.2 released

rohanrohan Staff Posts: 531

Available in the downloads section.

A few bugs are fixed in this release:
-- Fixed audio crackling issue in recordings made on the Deluge
-- Tracks could launch slightly out of sync in songs using swing
-- Tempo-synced delay would gradually drift slightly out of time
-- When changing root note, the newly selected one wouldn't be illuminated until you scrolled
-- Sounds within kits were not saving properly in some complex cases
-- Problem with notes getting "stuck on" in monosynths using one-shot samples
-- LEDs could behave strangely when a large number of sounds within a kit were all controlled with the same MIDI CC

To install the update, unzip the .bin file onto your SD card, ensure there are no other .bin files on there, put the card back into your Deluge, and then hold down the shift button while powering on. A spinning animation will display, and the firmware will be permanently installed.

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