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MIDI Knob 'Takeover' Modes

rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 522
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Merged with Community Firmware!

This feature's implementation started with @seangoodvibes
GitHub Documentation

Midi Takeover Mode

A new item has been added to the Midi menu: Takeover
The Takeover menu consists of three modes that can be selected from:

Jump: This is the default mode for the Deluge. As soon as a Midi Knob/Fader position is changed, the Deluge's internal Knob > position/Parameter value jumps to the position of the Midi Knob/Fader.

Pickup: The deluge will ignore changes to its internal Knob position/Parameter value until the Midi Knob/Fader's position is equal to the Deluge Knob position. After which the Midi Knob/Fader will move in sync with the Deluge.

Scale: The deluge will increase/decrease its internal Knob position/Parameter value relative to the change of the Midi Knob/Fader position and the amount of "runway" remaining on the Midi controller. Once the Midi controller reaches its maximum or minimum position, the Midi Knob/Fader will move in sync with the Deluge. The Deluge value will always decrease/increase in the same direction as the Midi controller.

Discuss this feature, provide video/audio examples, etc.

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