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allow to use REC+PLAY option also when sampling external audio


this is very useful when one wants to sample parts sequenced by Deluge on external gear (MIDI or CV), so to have perfectly timed start and end points.
ATM the only way to do it is by using audio IN as oscillator mode, create a note to play it, and then resample. It would be cool to have the same option that we already have when resampling (to start and stop recording in sync with the internal tracks) also when recording external audio. That would save resources and time.


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    faktoidfaktoid GermanyPosts: 10

    +1 please

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    RandomAztecRandomAztec IrelandPosts: 97

    does anyone know is it currently possibly to arm the deluge to start recording on first note input when in keyboard mode? or do i still have to press play as i begin note input?

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    MatthewGeorgeMatthewGeorge Cologne, GermanyPosts: 229
    Can't you just draw the C3 note to how every long your external sequence is?
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    poldensteinpoldenstein italyPosts: 39

    yes, that's what I was saying is the actual way of doing it.
    Having the REC+PLAY option also from external sampling would save us to create a new track, create a new kit, set OSC mode, draw the note, delete track after recording every time we want to sample external gear sequenced by Deluge

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