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Deluge performance limits and benchmarks of using SAMPLES vs SYNTHESIS?

GKRGYGKRGY Milan, ItalyPosts: 36
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Hi all,

TL;DR: all the questions:

  • has anyone ever benchmarked the Deluge regarding performance?
  • what about "reaching the limits" when it comes to using samples vs only synthesis engines?
  • what is the footprint (besides SD card space) of using samples?
  • do they have a different impact depending on the sample?

I'm currently picking and choosing samples from the ones I accumulated or bought (SfM, NI Maschine thanks to Kit Maker, and so on). I would prefer a minimalist approach and bring down the number of needed samples to the truly necessary and unavoidable. The idea would be to use native tools as much as possible and have less dependency in the future.

In the process, I'm making lots of "false takes" tracks and using a lot of samples to test them out and choose. I noticed that even with not so many tracks nor track complexity, the Deluge already seems to slow down quite a bit. Hence the questions above. It is one thing to notice (perhaps mistakenly) and another to have proper benchmarks and data.


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    duncandisorderlyduncandisorderly london/madridPosts: 19
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    a couple of weeks ago, I set one of mine to recording audio loops in 'overdub/playback' mode, so that each time the two bars completed, it started playing back the last recording & making a new one. pretty soon it was playing dozens of audio clips while still recording. I turned the tempo up to 25000 or whatever it is at the far end, & in a few seconds I had hundreds of loops all playing while the machine was still recording new ones.
    I have no idea how long this could've gone on for- I bailed at 200 loops.

    I have had one freeze while playing with stems & trying to resample the output. pretty sure that was operator error.

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