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Drum Randomizer

rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 617

Merged with Community Firmware!

This feature's implementation started with @Alter
GitHub Documentation | Documentation #2

Drum Randomizer
Pressing "AUDITION + RANDOM" on a drum kit row will load a random sample from the same folder as the currently enabled sample and load it as the sound for that row. Currently limited to 25 files for performance reasons. This feature can be toggled ON/OFF in the runtime features menu.

The button combinations in the video are different from the current implementation.

Discuss this feature, provide video/audio examples, etc.


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    PhilPhil MontréalBeta Tester Posts: 105

    Nice feature.
    I think this feature could be expanded to assign a random synth patch to a row, from user synth preset bank on Deluge or a totally randomized one.
    Being able to access synth presets and assign one to a kit row is a must.

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    Bay_MudBay_Mud OntarioBeta Tester Posts: 129

    Very cool feature that will make me want to re-organize my kit samples for maximum fun

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    duncandisorderlyduncandisorderly london/madridPosts: 19

    I like the randomiser, but unless I've missed something, it's only halfway to the func that the 'play' has, which is changing the sample every time the slot is triggered.

    ideally, you'd want to make this a 'chance' thing, so that the chances of the same sample or a different sample from the same folder can be set.

    so, like the sequencer step probability, you could also have a simple round-robin mode whereby instead of randomising the choice, the slot is stepped forward through whatever's in the sample folder on each pass, or every other pass, or every tenth pass... for my growing library of left-hand & right-hand snare hits, this would be very useful.
    I would also apply the same logic to folders of clips... loops.... so if I've jammed a load of basslines into audio clips, & stacked up eight or nine good takes, I could save them into one folder & have the deluge pick one at random each time the clip is triggered.

    I dunno how you'd implement this in UI though... hold the audition pad, twist right for round-robin iterations & left for amount of randomness, maybe? & the behaviour would depend what folder you were already 'in' & how many samples were in it. so- like on the polyend 'play', a lot would depend on yr file management...

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