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Dj Set Mode

HaskilHaskil MoscowPosts: 4

Hi guys, I hope you're doing well! I would like to know what is the probability that a mode for DJ Sets will appear in Deluge, so that it would be possible to smoothly move from track to track as implemented in the same Octatrack?



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    chrisrolandchrisroland United StatesPosts: 42
    edited June 2023

    new songs load instantly to play continuously without interruption. unless Deluge had something like Hapax's dual-project architecture not sure how you get two songs into memory at the same time to mix in/out of

    (haven't gotten this far yet, just a couple weeks working with mine but expect that i will be creating shorter transition songs to bridge between two full tracks, which would incorporate elements from two songs that i could mute/unmute as needed to effect the switch)

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    HaskilHaskil MoscowPosts: 4

    Yes, it's a good option to switch from one track to another, using breeches and changing clips. But it won't work if it's my track first and then the track of the artist I like. Each time you will have to take the track into silence so that the transition is not obvious. I have two projects, and the first of them is the Defise band, Deluge is doing a great job with the launch of the playback. But for my second Haskil project, the possibility of implementing a semi-live performance, a semi-Dj set is required, and if Deluge copes with the first with a bang, then, unfortunately, it will not cope with the second. This function is perfectly implemented in Okta, there is the possibility of switching from track to track using filters and a fader.

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    BrawnyBrawny UKBeta Tester Posts: 18
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    I found the best way to craft live sets with decent transitions is to load song 1, save the instrumen(s) and copy the last few bars of a the previous track, then paste those bars into the next song (with the saved instrument loaded, and repeat for each track you want to transition with). Then use the load next song trick when reaching the end of the previos one. I've created 3x 1 hour sets this way with pretty seamless transitions. The only things I find would help are ensuring things like reverb and delay tails carry on, and it would be easier if the songs stopped playing on the last visible, used pattern or audio track. They do seem a bit hit & miss, but generally better if you don't have too much going on. This is all in arranger mode.

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