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instead of turning the select knob to SHAR for a section...could one section option simply turn off the section LED to indicate that the track doesn't belong to any particular section?
i.e. The drum track should play for all sections> hold shift + tap section/ audition button until it turns off...seems like this might make it more clear which tracks will be playing continuously.


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    amiga909amiga909 Central EuropePosts: 1,043

    nice idea.
    only problem: how to handle cloned tracks. they cannot play at the same time, so only one of them could have a blank coloring.

    and: shared mode currently doesnt mean the shared track will continue to play if you launch another section. shared mode means it will not cut off a section that is playing (or armed to play), unless it shares a preset or kit (then only the relevant track is cut off).

    I dont know how to improve song composing (many threads about this), I just know it should be improved :)

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    tffshtttffshtt berlinPosts: 51

    Part of the point is to not have to use so many cloned tracks... easy answer: unlit / deassigned sections wouldn't be clonable.

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