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Alternate Tunings

dctuckerdctucker San Diego, CA, USAPosts: 5

Hello! I'm working on implementing this feature, and would like to use this space to engage with the community.

I've been periodically updating the issue in GitHub as we refine the initial scope and desired functionality. Current progress is I've validated tuning twelve notes in an octave, and I've started focusing on building an interface to import Scala files.

Eventually we want to end up with more than twelve divisions per octave, but it is growing increasingly clear that this will be considerably more effort to implement owing to pitch, sample speed, and FM ratios all being somewhat interconnected. My goal for this feature is to get it working well enough that it can be accepted into the community branch, ideally in a way that is of high enough quality to merge into the official branch.

There are some open questions mentioned in the issue that I'll cross-post here.

How to handle Scala files with greater than 128 divisions.
* Ignore and apply partial scale?
* Reject the file and popup a warning?
* Wait until MIDI 2.0 is implemented?

QWERTY or basic menu for selecting Scala files?
* Optimize for searching through many tunings?
* Optimize for being able to play each tuning in keyboard mode while scrolling through tuning presets?

I will also be reading through the linked discussions below to get a sense of what folks want.

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    rezareza los angelesModerator, Beta Tester Posts: 618

    Looking forward to it. I saw that Rohan has uploaded the beginning stages of his implementation, interesting to hear the challenges that will occur with FM.

    As for the Menu for selecting the Scala files. I see Rohan implemented a new Song View menu which I think would work well, (a Song View menu could possibly line up nicely with introducing new Song-Level features like being able to change the normal Song View FX parameters) I was also thinking, something like Load+Keyboard could be a shortcut, possibly saving time if the Song View menu continues to get populated.

    I think there's use cases for wanting to search through hundreds of scales and also wanting to just play them on the keyboard to know what to select. Perhaps the Song View Menu could be searchable (since there is no keyboard view in Song view) and if you do Load+Keyboard in clip or keyboard view, it's playable but not searchable? Actually, since audition pads are still available to play in Clip view, it could still be searchable in Clip View, but in keyboard view it is only playable.

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    Abusch419Abusch419 Duluth GA Posts: 5

    I’d really love to see this happen!

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    oneANToneANT ɹǝpun uʍop puɐlPosts: 73

    I know there are plenty that have asked for this. I didn't even know I wanted it till now ..

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    gnozognozo FrancePosts: 16

    I've been wishing for this for a long long time and even right now searching for ways to (de)tune large multisample sets to get a specific scale - been struggling here :

    Eager to see neat scala files and scale sets in Deluge!

    Btw, to your question, if it helps :
    How to handle Scala files with greater than 128 divisions.

    • Ignore and apply partial scale with warning ?
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